Kama sutra positions, pictures

Its well seen what choice the most of em know how to make, by the poor draggle-tails o wives you sutra, like bits o gauze ribbin, good for nothing when the colours gone. Well, well, thee canstna say but what I knowed how to make a choice positions I married thee, said Mr. Poyser, who usually settled little conjugal disputes by a compliment of this sort; and thee wast twice kama buxom as Dinah ten year ago. I niver said as a woman had need to be ugly to make computer software discount software good missis of a house. Theres Chownes wife ugly enough to turn the milk an save the rennet, kama sutra shell niver save nothing any other way. But as for Dinah, poor child, shes niver likely to be buxom as long as shell make her dinner o cake and water, positions the sake o giving to them pictures want. She provoked me past bearing sometimes; and, as I told her, she went clean again the Scriptur, for that says, Love your neighbour as yourself; but, I said, if you loved your neighbour no better nor you do yourself, Dinah, its little enough youd do for him. Youd be thinking he might do well enough on a half-empty stomach.
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